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Val Miller RYT500 - Registered Yoga Teacher

     Val has completed Yin Yoga training, holds Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT >500 hours),Yoga for the Special Child Certification and is trained in Pre/Post Natal Yoga. In addition to hosting several yoga and wellness workshops she is a treasured and respected yogi, teacher, business partner, farmer and valuable Vegreville community member.

     "The knowledge I’ve gained through practice and training has equipped me with an opportunity to help people feel better. I would be honoured to share what I’ve learned with you. Come join us on the mat and find a class that MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER than when you started! Classes are available for ALL - all bodies, all genders, all levels and all ages - from newborn to 99! If you are unsure come try a free class - or if struggling financially please come anyway - for free- as my karma offer to you! Namaste" - Val

Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu - may all beings everywhere be happy and free

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I practice and teach yoga in Vegreville Alberta and absolutely love it. I have been studying and teaching for many years, over 7 here in Vegreville. The reason I love yoga myself is that I always feel better for it! I love to teach yoga – it is so gratifying to be able to help other people feel better too! Prior to my certification, I worked for fifteen years in the school system as an Educational Assistant, so it was an easy transition to teaching in the studio.

I came to the practice myself for the physical benefits, as many in our Western culture do. But I quickly found that many of the practices, though simple, are profound. The act of simply becoming aware of your breath in your body, and how we feel physically, mentally, emotionally, can have a huge impact on stress, anxiety and ultimately healing our minds and bodies. Yoga translates as 'yoke' or 'union'. By simply reconnecting physical, spiritual and mental aspects, we come to find more balance in our lives.

I am married to Cam, and we are happy parents to six grown children and two grandchildren (so far). We live and also work on a farm south of Vegreville, as well as work together in business. Aside from my love of yoga, I enjoy time with our family, being outside, hiking, snowboarding, and water sports. Come join us on the mat and feel better. Namaste Val